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Discussion about this forum. How to do things, what happened to the other group, etc. 
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No Z depth on milling file Attachments

by cnc.david
7,376 4 08/07/2010 08:49AM
Last Post by Bernardc

Problem with isolation width settings Attachments

by rainer
11,456 5 07/23/2010 02:43PM
Last Post by rainer

getting started

by jessey
4,751 2 07/20/2010 10:39AM
Last Post by pcbgcode


by Thorp
4,407 2 07/20/2010 10:37AM
Last Post by pcbgcode

Using the Viewer

by rdagger
6,758 3 06/22/2010 03:09PM
Last Post by rdagger

Problems generating Gcode from eagle PCB

by squantmuts
6,181 2 06/20/2010 01:27PM
Last Post by squantmuts

Easiest way to align Chemical Etched board for drilling??

by HiJack
8,768 4 05/15/2010 05:28AM
Last Post by chuck

metal backed PCB laminates

by Miller
3,711 1 05/04/2010 03:27AM
Last Post by Miller

drill_size error?

by bacon
6,612 3 04/26/2010 01:38PM
Last Post by bacon

Thin diagonal traces

by gammaxy
4,677 2 04/25/2010 06:12AM
Last Post by pcbgcode

Losing Calibration Attachments

by Rob
34,510 18 04/07/2010 04:56PM
Last Post by Miller

Return to zero

by Robaroni
8,384 5 03/15/2010 11:47AM
Last Post by Technosteve

Invisible Fill Polygon problem Attachments

by Technosteve
3,022 1 03/13/2010 07:32PM
Last Post by Technosteve

I have a problem.

by Drools
5,392 3 03/13/2010 09:47AM
Last Post by Technosteve

new member with one question

by wiggler
4,034 2 02/24/2010 04:34AM
Last Post by Drools

Some question for understanding pcb-gcode

by Mr.Green
5,163 2 01/06/2010 07:34AM
Last Post by pcbgcode

Would any one mind looking over a couple of Eagle files

by gmfoster
7,611 5 01/06/2010 07:21AM
Last Post by gmfoster

Fills generation

by giordano58
6,312 4 01/03/2010 01:25PM
Last Post by pcbgcode

Missing Isolation Traces...

by madmattman
5,476 3 12/23/2009 08:07AM
Last Post by madmattman

Drill parameters, and post processors

by dcassyc1
11,689 7 11/11/2009 07:58AM
Last Post by dcassyc1

I just posted a new topic and I cannot find it....

by oxxyfx
13,829 1 10/21/2009 05:54PM
Last Post by oxxyfx

extra outline in gcode.

by Drools
3,135 1 10/12/2009 09:18AM
Last Post by Drools

Looking for parts to make via's...

by mcphill
10,739 6 09/17/2009 01:18PM
Last Post by chuck

emc2 locking up

by tim
6,633 4 09/01/2009 09:26PM
Last Post by Miller

Simple height probing for better pcb's

by bsdphk
39,410 20 08/22/2009 05:41AM
Last Post by chuck

climb-milling and conventional-milling finish

by cnc.david
14,676 6 08/12/2009 06:19PM
Last Post by Miller

Drill Rack Files for Soigeneris.com kits Attachments

by Jeff_Birt
3,833 1 05/09/2009 08:29AM
Last Post by Jeff_Birt

The thin and the thick of it

by BlueCabbie
4,356 2 04/04/2009 07:14PM
Last Post by pcbgcode

Error tool change

by giordano58
14,562 9 04/04/2009 12:03PM
Last Post by amelia

Delays posting, Moderation?

by greolt
5,309 3 04/02/2009 03:06PM
Last Post by Country_Bubba