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Posted by barrynash17 
June 02, 2016 06:14PM
I am wondering if this software is capable of cutting out the board when it is complete or is the tool path from another piece of software that I would habe to draft?
Thanks in advance.
June 03, 2016 12:34AM
yes pcb-gcode does produce toolpaths for cutting boards.

In Eagle draw/draft the outline required in layer 46, aka the 'milling layer'.

In the pcb-gcode-setup page tick the 'generate milling' check box with the appropriate
depth for your board. When you have finished routing your board you can the run the
milling file.

Typically if you use the same V bit that you use for routing a 1.2mm cut in a 1.5mm board
will allow you to break it out.

I note that some other forum contributors comment that Eagle/pcb-gcode does not handle
curves especially well. I, to date, have only used rectangular outlines and have found the
toolpaths perfectly good.

Depending on the bit you are using and the power of your spindle you may want to attempt
deep cuts in a couple of passes, as each pass is usually much faster than routing no probs.

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