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Round corners

Posted by real_skydiver 
Round corners
August 10, 2016 12:59PM
Hi folks,

my results are so far 'ok'. The only thing I would to improve is to get sharper corners. For example, if I place a square area on my PCB, the milled result has the size of this square - but with slightly rounded corners where the board in Eagle shows exact sharp corners.

My CNC is certainly capable of doing so (resolution) - it seams that the GCODE created by PCB-GCODE causes it. I'm running 7.3.0 with and/or (makes no difference). Is there a parameter that I can change to get sharper corners?

Best regards.
Re: Round corners
August 11, 2016 04:50AM
I think I know the answer. I'm relatively new to CNC and milling (I own my mill since only about a year or so, so far I have only milled very 'simple' parts). I always thought, that a point (X,Y) in the GCODE is a 'must' - that the machine (mechanically) has to reach this point before the next step is executed. That assumption proved to be wrong. Here (http://www.cnccookbook.com/CCCNCGCodeG04DwellG09G61G60.htm) it is pretty good explained. Also I found a video on 'youtube' that shows very impressively the effect of the G61 command (Exact Stop Check). This afternoon I will repeat that (youtube) experiment by my own. I'll keep you informed.
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