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Uses T00 instead of T09

Posted by AlbertHall 
Uses T00 instead of T09
January 31, 2017 04:40PM
Eagle 7.7.0

If I use T09 in the tool list, PCBgcode puts T00 in the Gcode.
If I renumber the tools skipping T09 then all is well.
I can't find any references to this problem so I assume I did something wrong?
I have attached the board file and the drill list

This is the tool table part of the generated gcode. T00 is also used in the M06 line.

(Unit of measure: mm)
( Tool| Size | Min Sub | Max Sub | Count )
( T01 0.200mm 0.0079in 0.0079in 0.0079in )
( T04 0.800mm 0.0315in 0.0315in 0.0320in )
( T05 0.900mm 0.0354in 0.0354in 0.0360in )
( T06 1.000mm 0.0394in 0.0394in 0.0400in )
( T00 1.500mm 0.0591in 0.0520in 0.0591in ) <-- should be T09
( T12 3.000mm 0.1181in 0.1181in 0.1181in )
open | download - SAVE.brd (104.5 KB)
open | download - default.drl.txt (1.1 KB)
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