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Viewer won't display board

Posted by mikewaller 
Viewer won't display board
May 07, 2012 07:40PM
When I run g-code the P viewer displays an unrelated board instead of the one I'm generating g-code for. The file shown above the board being displayed is" .../DOCS/EXAMPLES/CNABTMR.BOT.ETCH.TAP". Thr g-code files generated are for the board I working and work fine in Mach3, just doesn't display the board I'm making. I've reloaded both Eagle and the latest version of pcb-gcode three times, same thing every attempt. Both pieces of software do everything right. Any ideas?
Re: Viewer won't display board
May 10, 2012 07:41AM
You have to have java installed before the viewer will work.
Re: Viewer won't display board
May 10, 2012 08:28AM
Java is installed. I have the same problem on both my XP and new Win 7 computers. I was running the older version of pcb-gcode and the viewer worked fine, but when I upgraded to the latest version of Eagle and pcb-gcode the problem started. Both computers generate g-code files for whatever I'm working on, just no preview on the P viewer, the one with the black screen.
Re: Viewer won't display board
September 27, 2012 08:15AM
I have seen this issue in other places in the pforum but I have not seen any suggestions on how to fix it yet. I too have this problem. I did try the program on a computer running XP 32 bit and it worked fine so the issue is with Windows 7 or 64 bit OS. The output files do seem to come out correct when viewed in EMC2 tool path window. (i have not tried to mill a board yet).

My Setup: Windows 7 64 bit, EagleCad 6.2, PCB-GCode, and Java 6 build 24.
Re: Viewer won't display board
December 07, 2012 05:36AM
The problem has to do with the policy of the W7 permissions
The solution is to run eagle as administrator
Re: Viewer won't display board
June 23, 2013 07:23PM
Hey, guys. The familiar problem happened several times on my pc. I am trying on solving it, too. Because many people gave me different ideas. It seems that none is working.
Re: Viewer won't display board
January 12, 2015 09:15AM
I didn't find a fix, but I have a work around. I just execute viewer.exe manually from explorer. It is located in pcbgcode/viewer/application.windows. It doesn't need any parameters and displays the last board that was processed.

I'm running window 7 64bit. Eagle 7.2.0 and pcbgcode
pcbgcode is in my documents folder (under eagle).
Also I added the path to javaw.exe to my system path.
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