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no drill sub on every board

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
no drill sub on every board
June 23, 2012 02:57PM
I recently noticed that EMC is now LinuxCNC so I wiped and installed the new image. I installed Eagle 5.7.0 free which is what Ubuntu defaults to for the free version. I am using pcb gcode
The error I am having is when I run the pcb gocde ULP I get "no drill sub" errors on all my drills. I used the default drill rack from the ULP which threw the errors. Then, I changed the default rack file to match what I have. It still threw errors. I went to Eagle DRILL options and deleted all it's default and made the Eagle DRILL match my drills, which match the ULP drill rack. It still throws the errors. I tried pointing to the rack file in the ULP and also leaving it blank so it uses the default but all different ways still throws the errors.
These are the drills that the ULP file calls for (example brd was SparkfunFT232 BOB simply for illustration):

My physical drills:
tool            drill_size            minimum            maximum            length
T01	           0.0250in 							                                //drill
T02	           0.0360in 							                                //drill
T03	           0.0400in 							                                //drill
T04   	   0.0520in 							                                //drill
T05            0.0630in 							                                //drill
T06	           0.0940in 							                                //drill
T07	           0.1250in 							                                //drill
T08	           0.006in  							                                //60deg. cutter

I never had this issue with the old EMC and Eagle and pcbgcode install and I'm sure it's simple but it's been a very restless and frustrating 48 hours of no CNC :-(
so I'm reaching out for help. How do I ensure that Eagle, the ULP, and my CNC uses the bits I have and that everything meshes together?
Anonymous User
Re: no drill sub on every board
June 24, 2012 01:24PM
I re-installed Ubuntu 10.04.3 official, did all the updates, added the linuxcnc repos, installed Eagle 6.2.0 free from the Cadsoft site, extracted the ULP in the new install and now good to go. It must have been something with the old 10.04 or the old Eagle 5.7.0 that wasn't being nice with the ULP and I'm guessing it was with the old Eagle. I remember reading something a while back about diff ULP versions between Eagle 5 and Eagle 6.Either way it's resolved er .... I made it work. Probably not the simplest way but I like the look and feel of official Ubuntu rather than the old cnc version anyway.
Anonymous User
Re: no drill sub on every board
August 03, 2012 02:46PM
I have been tearing my hair out with the same error using Windows 7 and Eagle 6.2

Whilst I haven't solved it, I have only just noticed that the drill file DOES actually get created using the exact drill sizes. That's good enough for me. Pity I didn't notice that a couple of days ago. After getting the error and seeing no preview I assumes that it hadn't been generated at all.
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