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Incorrect tool change in drill file.

Posted by pmkierst 
Incorrect tool change in drill file.
March 03, 2014 07:40AM
Using Eagle 6.5, latest pcb-gcode.

Bottom-only pcb.

I have added a default drill rack, which seems to work OK.

EMC profile.

When I generate a drill file, the tool changes are incorrect. I have no idea whether this is a bug or something I've managed to do. I get something like this for the first tool change:

(Inch Mode)
(Absolute Coordinates)
G00 Z1.5000 
G00 X0.5000 Y0.6000 
M06 T05 (0.1250 )
G01 Z0.0000 F10.00 
M06 T01 (0.1250 )
G00 Z0.1000

Note there are two tool changes in succession: T05 and then to T01 (which looks like a touch off or something, as it goes to Z0). T05 is the correct one, T01 is bogus. This is survivable, I can just ignore the T01, though now EMC is confused as to which tool is being used. The next tool change in the file is:

G00 Z1.5000 
M06 T01 (0.0320 )
G01 Z0.0000 F10.00 
M06 T02 (0.0320 )
G00 Z0.1000

Here we change to T01 again (which is, in fact, the correct tool). This creates lots of problems, because EMC figures I already have T01 in there (from the bogus change above, but I actually have T05 in there) and ignores it, moves to Z0, and then tells me to switch to T02 which is not right, I need to switch to T01; but I can't do that because we have moved to Z0....

I fixed it by manually removing the extra tool changes (and the Z0 moves as they seemed unnecessary). I could write a script to run these down (I'll need one to renumber the tools anyway, I want them consistent with my EMC tool database, which has a number 'scheme' I use), but was wondering if there is something I configured wrong here?

I shouldn't federate issues, but as an aside:
- EMC doesn't like plain M03 ... it assumes speed zero and actually turns off the spindle. I modified the emc.pp file to output a "S10000" as well for SPINDLE_ON
- It would be really nice to be able to use arbitrary tool numbers in the drill rack so they can fit with other things using tool numbers.
Anonymous User
Re: Incorrect tool change in drill file.
March 06, 2014 05:39PM
I see the same thing using Eagle 5.12 and the current version of PCB-GCODE.
Re: Incorrect tool change in drill file.
April 30, 2014 08:39PM
All these should be addressed in the recent 3.6.2.x release.


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